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“It’s beautiful here. They said that of course, that Budapest is beautiful. But it is in fact almost ludicrously beautiful.”

-Anthony Bourdain

St. Stephen’s Basilica

In September 2018 my husband and I embarked on a bit of a whirlwind trip – Dubai-Budapest-Vienna. You’ll quickly notice that some of our trips are for his “day job,” some of our trips are for his side business and investing club, and some are for our personal pleasure. This trip was all three – Dubai for the day job, Budapest for the side business and investing club, and Vienna for personal pleasure.

Our time in Budapest was mostly occupied by a conference, but we fell in love hard and definitely plan to go back. It was clean and safe with tons of beautiful architecture and happy, friendly people. As an added bonus, since Hungary kept their own currency (the forint) when they joined the EU, it was pretty affordable.

Our hotel was right across the street from Erzsébet Square and the Budapest Eye.

The weather in September was fantastic – sunny and warm (mid-70s Fahrenheit/around 24C) during the day and cool in the evenings. The cool evenings led to eating A LOT of paprikash!

We did manage to get away for an afternoon to visit the Etyeki Kuria vineyard and winery and Hernyak Birtok vineyard and winery, about 45 minutes outside the city. Both wineries were warm and welcoming and provided fantastic wine tastings! At Hernyak Birtok we were also provided with house made cheese and bread. They even slipped us a taste of their cognac. When we return to Budapest we plan to spend more time at these wineries as well as the others in the area. Our visit was just too short.

So, to wrap things up, if you have a chance to go to Budapest definitely do it. But make sure you give yourself a few free days to really explore and sink in to this beautiful, friendly European city.

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